Hello, I’m Marc P W

I am a freelance photographer from Auckland, New Zealand


What I’m good at

Wedding Photography

I have a lot of experience photographing weddings both in Europe and here in New Zealand. I did plenty of Weddings back in Europe and here in NZ, mainly through Word of Mouth, as I do a lots of portraits too. Just be aware I do not do the printing myself.

Sports Photography

I covered some great Football International Events such as The FIFA World Cup in Germany, The Euro 2004 in Portugal, a Final of the Champions League and plenty of local games here in NZ, including OFC events and games. As for Rugby, some Super 15 games and a Bledisloe Cup Game held in Tokyo.

Family Portrait Photography

I offer outdoor family photography. I can also photograph Birthday parties and graduations.

Outdoor Photography

Portraits, Landscapes, Nature. The outdoors here in New Zealand is an amazing canvas.

Fashion Photography

For me it is more about the Portrait Photography that can also work for Fashion, I have even covered some interesting Cat Walks.

Travel Photography

My favorite photography ! Traveling is discovering, and I am a very keen traveler.